What is NHCT ?

NHCT is an aggregate wellbeing administration stage that is based on the rationality of preventive instead of receptive restorative consideration. It utilizes blockchain to counter foundational issues that torment the therapeutic services of today like high costs, information discontinuity and information security.

Why NHCT ?

NHCT utilizes Blockchain to make worldwide, decentralized wellbeing and natural health community. Presentation of a conveyed record enables NHCT to encourage:

1. Upgraded Data Protection
2. Information Exchange without Buckle
3. Data trustworthiness with the utilization of sharp contracts
4. Supported Engagement is utilizing Tokens.

By displaying scattered notes, NHCT can support better data confirmation, frictionless data exchanging, Integrity data with the utilization of canny contracts and expanded promise to utilize Tokens. NanoHealth won a regarded HULT prize in 2014 and gathered $1 million in seed subsidizing. Of late, NHCT has likewise been chosen among the six best new organizations for the RICH Cancer Innovation Challenge in India.


NHCT Ecosystem

NHCT benefits all members of the biological system:
1. Clients are spurred to hold fast to timetable and spotlight on their wellbeing and prosperity. For each positive activity, they are compensated with tokens.
2. Payers benefit from lessened cases because of lower cases of medical problems among the clients.
3. Providers can get top-notch client created information through tokenized endowments.

3-Tier Token Protocol

3-level token design causes the NHCT framework to remunerate clients dependent on their inclusion
1. Wawa can be earned by settling on solid decisions and recording your exercises.
2. Warma can be earned when exercises are confirmed by others – like a long distance race or a football game.
2. NHCT can be earned by transferring clinically confirmed information like medicinal reports. NHCT would then be able to be utilized to pay doctors, insurers or even rec center participation charge.

Specific Architecture

1. Hyperledger deals with every single diverse substance, their jobs and restrictive calculations for medicinal services administration and forecast
2. Public Ethereum blockchain for overseeing NHCT utility tokens
3. Hybrid storage management architecture is based on partitioning data with IPFS, DDMS and the original Blockchain store

Token Sale Details

Private sales have started from August 3, 18. NHCT has encouraged the Strategic Investor Program for every financial expert who will come in a private agreement. The following are detailed offer details: BUY TOKENS

Would you like to find out about the ICO of NHCT venture? You can take in more about the Whitepaper or visit the official site at https://www.nhct.io/

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