Blockchain innovations and digital currencies continue to increase rapidly. This innovation will greatly influence society in the future with mass acceptance of innovation. At present, many initial coin contributions are for utility tokens. These types of tokens do not give ownership to anyone in the organization, but rather the types of installments that are recognized for use in their stages.

They are working on the premise that costs will rise later depending on free market activity for tokens. Another type of token that can be offered for purchase is a security token. Not many organizations issue security tokens due to a lot of legal complexity.

Security tokens can pay profits and offer ownership to buyers of tokens. As a financial specialist, I want to put resources into security tokens. This type of token is very similar to the purchase of ordinary shares. Security tokens can offer rights to organizational resources, the privilege of voting, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.


DESICO is the stage for issuing and exchanging security tokens that are available for retail speculators. DESICO is being worked on by fintech business visionaries who are experienced and adhered to by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy. To showcase the practicality of its actions, DESICO offers Security Security tokens in November 2018.

DESICO aims to make the door for retail and institutional speculators to enter the room from VCdominated. Meanwhile, DESICO is trying to make access throughout the world reasonable and straightforward for promising capital from anywhere on the planet.

DESICO will benefit from ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) for making larger biological systems in the world capital market. DESICO will allow decentralization of pre-seed businesses to use one of the blockchain’s innovation capacities and provide a legitimate method for obtaining tokens.

Tokenisation existing resources with paid flows, or the life of other half-breed tokens. ICO is a developing class that might develop in the right market framework. At present, most are mixtures (little securities, some token utilities), some utility tokens, and some are securities.

The DESICO stage will encourage demonstration of computerized direct-capital connection tokens in the deployment of labor, the tokenization of existing resources with payroll flows, or other cross-breed tokens. DESICO will provide the entire framework for obtaining ICO, a trade budget token that oversees and benefits under the e-cash License.

DESICO utility tokens will uphold the capacity of the DESICO biological system. Token tokens will combine the exact needs to get tokens that are in the DESICO stage even though they have different benefits. Tokens will also generate payments for all administrations related to the biological community. Along with this line, financial specialists and organizations will use DESICO tokens.

Save DESICO in Lithuania, the European Union, and Eurozone Countries and will be used in connection with Lithonia Crowdfunding law and under the supervision of the Bank of Lithuania (under the Control of the European Central Bank).

DESICO Business Model

The stage for issuing Security tokens

DESICO will empower to place resources into the Security Token Offer (STO) issued by the new blockchain company that is most encouraging, and get quarterly payments from their income. DESICO makes trick free conditions by sorting out suspicious and fake tasks.


DESICO will work on securities trading, which will provide quick posts and liquidity for security tokens after the results of STO at the DESICO stage. Trade will be responsible for the administrative oversight of the Bank of Lithuania, which will provide security and trust in extra money related to members of the DESICO organizers.

Installment framework

DESICO will work with the installment crypto/fiat framework, which will work under the European e-cash permit. This will allow DESICO groups to deal with the ownership of their crypto and fiat on stage.

DESI Token

The DESI Token is a Security Token (RPN), and the agreement starts on November 7. The DESI token holder will get an income offer of 12.5% of DESICO’s gross salary for the next 30 years. Payments will be made quarterly, without the highest income. This is a 30-year Income Participation Note that can be called after five years each time.

The Advantages of Security Tokens

Quarterly payments

Put in a security token and let your money work for you! Security token holders issued through the DESICO stage will receive a quarterly payment from the organization that issued this token.

There are no tricks or tricks

Tokenized securities are market-controlled tasks that have extensive registration before issuing their security tokens – this way you can ensure that all types of misinterpretations are for all purposes and objectives that are omitted.

There is no ‘whale’ rebate

Buyers of security tokens can ensure that they will get their security tokens at a cost that cannot be distinguished from a ‘pope’ or an institutional finance specialist. This ultimately reduces the possibility of dumping when the security token reaches a trade.

There is no value control

Indirect effect exhibitions, all types of value controls or wrong practices by supporters and token holders are illegally valid. This provides security and legal security tokens with insurance.

Administrative security

The rights of security token holders, for example, the owner’s privileges of securities that are managed, are guaranteed by administrative organizations. For the DESICO situation, this administrative foundation was the Central Bank of Lithuania which was under the supervision of the European Central Bank.

How to get DESI Tokens

To get and become a DESI Token holder, you can participate in the ICO program by offering the following prices

Token info Investment Info
Token DESI Min. investment 230 USD
Platform Ethereum Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Type ERC20 Distributed in ICO 77.8%
PreICO price 1 DESI = 0.98 USD Soft cap N/A
Price in ICO 1 DESI = 1.08 USD Hard cap 44,361,793 USD

To learn more about how DESICO will change the scene of collecting money around the world, you can read on the Whitepaper or visit the official site at

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