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The CAPVERTO platform is a bridge between cryptocurrency technology and fiat money by offering key features including international prepaid cards, direct copy trading, easy-to-use P2P loans, and cryptocurrency insurance, specifically designed to be easily accessible, especially for those who do not have a bank account.

In essence CAP, is a utility token that regulates access to various services available on the CAPVERTO platform. For example, members can use CAPVERTO integration with Binance and OKex to sell CAP tokens and take advantage of the cash prize system attached to the prepaid card program.

In discussing the roles and features of utility tokens, it is essential to distinguish them from other types of tokens that are strictly related to the initial coin offer (ICO), which is a security token. There is also a big difference between this token and what is commonly called a coin. Few are some basic definitions:

Utility token

Utility tokens are not investments, but vouchers that represent access to vendor solutions in the future.
Just like many traders who let customers order access to upcoming releases and may benefit from doing so. The ICO guarantees that every member holding their utility token sits at the table, giving them the assets they can exchange for products and services.
Token utilities will become more useful because each user’s network develops because larger systems mean more requests for tokens.

Security Token

Security tokens are investments. Tokens with values derived from externally traded assets, which means they are not fundamentally different from many other types of securities recognized.
Security Tokens will remain the border in the ICO, which is easily lost by the number of utility tokens. was one of the first major online retailers to accept cryptocurrency as payment; they launched the ICO token supported by security pioneers in 2017 the rights holder for quarterly dividends.


Please note, tokens are not coins. This is an essential aspect of cryptocurrency and the core of the CAP. Each cryptocurrency will have its blockchain which will serve the ledger from the narrow case of using its currency, which is the transaction transacted in the coins.
This difference looks smoother than between utility and security tokens. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency/coin with a special blockchain below it. However, many tokens are built to run on the ETH blockchain, and they may represent the account section for anything from storage services to the money back prize system.

CAP Utility Token is a CAPVERTO powering engine, to benefit users who do not have bank accounts and are underbanked.


CAPVERTO Exchange is a platform that offers ICOs by targeting people who do not have bank / underbanked accounts, by ensuring they have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique benefits of cryptocurrency. This will bridge the world of paper money and cryptocurrency by combining international prepaid card programs related to innovative banking and trading features centered on the CAP utility token. All CAPVERTO features change the value of CAP, which means the price is a reflection of productive activity rather than incomplete speculation. Assets in CAPVERTO Exchange can also be protected with cryptocurrency insurance.

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