Augmented Reality will fundamentally improve the way we deal with our lives. ARROUND drives the race to this fearless modern lifestyle by building shopper applications for the mass market, special entrances for sponsors and SDKs and APIs for engineers.

Sponsors get better and better approaches to connect with their audience groups, clients have fascinating computerized conditions to investigate, and AR engineers access a huge market for their products and equipment.

ARROUND is a total biological community that joins AR buyers, public relations and engineers at a solitary stage. Promoting will never be equal again.

ARROUND has a key organization with 36.6, Russia’s biggest drugstore set up, to change the experience goals 15% of the system is claimed by the Walgreens Alliance, the world’s largest network of drug stores

What problems were solved by Arround?

Individuals really want AR content

People in general reliably expect and request all the more interesting reality content. Arround offers a fully useful and accessible AR social stage for iOS and Android, which will also be exhibited to smartglasses buyers.

Mobile ad channels are immersed

The interest in publishing cells is growing every day, but the general public is burned on indigenous methodology.
Arround offers the most recent and interesting routes for sponsors, brands, and associations to have the capacity to reach their observers in a better way and notify them.

AR engineers only have a few opportunities to reach shopper showcases

More AR engineers need business opportunities for their goods and administration.
The use of blockchain can guarantee IP and AR Store rights that provide regulatory areas for testing new items and administration, which can ultimately increase the improvement of interpersonal organizations.

ARR is used for all revenue exchanges on the system, including all promoting installments, income from interpersonal organizations, AR Store and from worldwide AR 3D.

Motivation for Buying ARR Token

1. Build organizations with brands throughout the world
2. Tokens assume important work in the energy action plan
3. AR showcase is growing very fast (65% CAR)
4. MVP can be accessed on iOS and Android
5. Inventive and complete items
6. The experienced group with a brilliant reputation

How to get ARR Tokens

The ARROUND platform will use ARR tokens released after the ICO. You can contribute as long as the ICO program takes place with the offer details as follows.

Token info Investment Info
Token ARR Min. investment 1 ETH
Platform Ethereum Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash
Type ERC20 Distributed in ICO 56,5%
Tokens for sale 1,450,000,000 Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Price in ICO 1 ARR = 0,035 USD Hard cap 30,000,000 USD

Token Sale

Token Distribution After ICO




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