The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

The ARAW tokens and its unique infrastructure offer web-based and administrative businesses that provide organizations to institutionalize compensation programs and in addition reveal indigenous individuals to the digital currency economy. Our answers are really simple and try to make digital currencies available to normal individuals. From the client’s point of view, there will be no routine changes – for example, one of our contributions combines Araw Touch and Pay cards to be used as a partner with regular micro payments.

The main purpose of the ARAW token is to assemble a Decentralized Payment Ecosystem for E-Commerce to build Blockchain receipts for ordinary individuals around the world. The ARAW tokens environment offers a binding joint framework in which each administration that provides substance can share. This allows for all the aims and objectives of each organization to encourage the use of motivators from their administration because they provide sincere self-esteem using token designations and expand their previously restricted markets. dedication to paying customers to the next level.

ARAW Feature

Adoption of Blockchain Users and the Araw Platform

The Araw platform expects to add to the adoption of Blockchain users around the world across ordinary individuals with instinctive and consistent reconciliation of unlimited E-Commerce channels used with Decentralized Payments.

Araw Pay

Araw pay will be an open gadget to recognize installments in ARAW tokens with a check mark. We hope to provide Araw’s consistent payment arrangements on Araw Portable and the web wallet, open API stage, and Araw’s web-based commercial business center.

Internet business market

The purpose of ARAW tokens is to be a part of everyone’s daily shopping without changing the design of their shopping.

Araw Card – Touch and Pay

Araw – Touch and Pay card intends to empower clients to make micropayments at coffee shops, public shops and everyday web-based shopping.

Open API Platform

Fit and Play the Enterprise Blockchain based on the E-Commerce Platform with a check mark.

Saving Money System Integration

ARAW top-up or cashback tokens to connected financial balances.

Araw Mobile Wallet

A consistent combination of Araw Mobile Wallet with Banking and Cryptographic Money Exchange.

Exchange of Digital Money Integration

Trading ARAW tokens with various forms of digital money (such as ETH and BTC).

Ethereum Blockchain – Proof of Shipping and Services

Araw’s online business commercial center uses Ethereum smart contracts to trade goods with ARAW tokens.

Distributed Transfers

Coordinate product trade and companies between individuals invested.

Unified Reward System

The ARAW Token expects to change the industry’s multi-mark unwavernessness that is not effectively used.

ARAW Token

To get ARAW tokens, you can buy during the ICO season with the following price quotes:

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Author: AaXray