CafeCoin, the Revolutionary Blockchain Payment Applicationby AaXrayon.CafeCoin, the Revolutionary Blockchain Payment ApplicationCafeCoin is the first digital token that can not only be exchanged for goods and services, but provides incentives for customized discounts and promotions and efforts to build a stable currency such as utilities. This can be used anywhere because both parties have a companion mobile application and internet access. Blockchain and the CafeCoin mobile […]

CafeCoin is the first digital token that can not only be exchanged for goods and services, but provides incentives for customized discounts and promotions and efforts to build a stable currency such as utilities. This can be used anywhere because both parties have a companion mobile application and internet access.

Blockchain and the CafeCoin mobile application can be used to buy or sell items anywhere, anytime without additional fees and data exposure that comes with traditional payment processors. With CafeCoin, the cost of the credit card that is usually charged will be saved, and the money is passed on to the user as a customized discount and in return for loyalty.

Not only that, but CafeCoin also allows users and retailers to be able to control the historical data they share with each other, and the ability to share that data in return for customized discounts and promotions. By providing a retail-oriented framework specifically for the CafeCoin blockchain, CafeCoin is designed to be faster, more effective and useful for ordinary transactions than past blockchain technology. The structure of CafeCoin’s preset transactions also almost eliminates transaction costs traditionally paid by traders and consumers.

Blockchain CafeCoin Ecosystems and Architecture

CafeCoin plans to use their cryptocurrency as a primary payment method by the general public. CafeCoin will revolutionize cryptocurrency by optimizing it for widespread use starting in the cafe industry. The Foundation plans to develop their ecosystem and blockchain architecture to suit the needs of both traders and consumers, and they will also include features and protocols that will benefit all parties involved. If given the opportunity to mobilize, CafeCoin is very likely to become a cryptocurrency that will replace fiat money.

Primary Benefits of CafeCoin Structure for Traders and Consumers

Not all ICOs are designed for users like CafeCoin. One reason why some ICOs have failed in the past is that they don’t offer anything new compared to other cryptocurrencies. CafeCoin makes sure they have a purpose, which makes it easy for people to use cryptocurrency, even if they don’t have a thorough knowledge of how the system works.

The main benefits of the CafeCoin Blockchain Architecture

Currently, the Foundation still uses the same Proof of Work system by utilizing the Ethereum platform to implement specific policies and protocols in their blockchain which makes it unique. They have spent a lot of time and resources to ensure the quality of crypto coin, and they also use the right systems and mechanisms to make CafeCoin a long-term utility token user to benefit.

  1. Decentralized Control
    Every transaction that occurs needs to be validated by all users in the system, and this will be done using the blockchain, where all purchases made on the network will be recorded.
  2. Near Real-Time Transactions
    CafeCoin ensures that purchases made on the network are completed almost instantly (at most a few seconds). This is because of the CafeCoin blockchain process, and the technology that entered into its development.
  3. Flexible Trust
    Because of the many levels of permission-based data sharing, users are free to choose to share information with anyone. They also have the option to select who they transact, which gives users complete control over their data.
  4. Flexible but strong security
    CafeCoin uses cryptographic methods and the number of digital signatures designed to improve system security. All cryptocurrency has brought inherent security power, and CafeCoin fortifies this with additional actions and protocols.
  5. Reducing Transactional Costs
    After the CafeCoin blockchain is completed, the transaction costs for users are expected to drop dramatically. This will provide traders and consumers with a strong incentive to take advantage of the intuitive CafeCoin mobile application during transactions.

General Benefits of CafeCoin

This benefit will be obtained by merchants or consumers, and other CafeCoin users.

  1. Customized Consumer Marketing at the Point of Sale
    Traders can produce marketing messages or price discounts that will drive demand for their business. At the same time, consumers will receive benefits from marketing and promotions that will specifically meet their spending preferences and habits.
  2. Easy to convert into paper money
    CafeCoin will be available to switch to other cryptocurrencies and even traditional fiat money. Many coin distribution platforms are available and can do this, and the current exchange rate for CafeCoin can be seen with the CafeCoin mobile app user interface.
  3. Fractional Transactions
    CafeCoin users will be able to receive, give, and exchange CafeCoin in the fractional unit, which makes the functions and utilities even greater.

Benefits of CafeCoin for Consumers

Because the CafeCoin structure is decentralized, it is improbable that there is a third party payment process in the middle of the transaction, and information exchange directly with traders, it provides this benefit to consumers:

  1. Immediate Savings
    The Foundation anticipates that products and services sold through the transaction will get a significant discount with participating traders. The discount given will be very high among strategic CafeCoin retail partners located in the cafe industry.
  2. Security and Privacy
    When consumers transact with merchants, they will use the privacy of their phones and devices; this will not share their personal information so that no data will be shared with unknown vendors, which also removes the source of the tradition of identity theft.
  3. Strong Transactional Ecosystem
    Consumers contribute and benefit from this by utilizing substantial savings from CafeCoin, and only participating in the use of CafeCoin has increased liquidity.

Benefits of CafeCoin for Traders

The business model implemented by this foundation provides benefits for traders in exchanging goods for CafeCoin, which includes:

  1. There are no more processing fees for credit card payments
    When using CafeCoin, all merchants will pay less in processing fees. There is even a possibility that it is almost eliminated, and it is important to be recorded by retailers in sectors with higher unit prices that will see huge savings when using CafeCoin.
  2. Completion of Instant Payments
    Traders will be able to enjoy CafeCoin processing quickly and no need to wait or uncertain when they will receive payment. This is a mistake often found in third-party payment processors, such as banks, credit card companies, and other intermediaries.
  3. User Drive Activation Adoption
    Users can also buy or refill CafeCoin at each participating trader. This allows greater adoption by traditional businesses around the world.

To get complete information about CafeCoin, you can find it on the Whitepaper, and the official website https://cafe-coin.com/ or immediately greet and ask our Telegram Community channel.

Author: AaXray
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