Organicco Green-Tech Proven Technologyby AaXrayon.Organicco Green-Tech Proven TechnologyInvesting in the future of our beautiful planet for our children Organic Technology Ltd was established in January 2017, by a team that for more than ten years, developed some green technologies to convert unwanted organic materials into useful products that can be sold. Besides creating demands for this technology, they also generated markets for […]

Investing in the future of our beautiful planet for our children

Organic Technology Ltd was established in January 2017, by a team that for more than ten years, developed some green technologies to convert unwanted organic materials into useful products that can be sold. Besides creating demands for this technology, they also generated markets for this natural capital.

We are the only company in the world that provides technology to solve problems but also buys by-products. This is a unique point. Initially, we had used subcontractors to present projects, but experienced reliability problems that eroded our profitability. As a result, we decided to open a manufacturing division to produce and deliver high-quality products directly to clients.

Our team consists of experienced fabricators, engineers, project managers, and excellent office support staff. We have years of experience providing complex and challenging projects. So far, we have successfully sent plans in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. We have developing opportunity projects in New Zealand, South Africa, Portugal, and Greece. We have stood the test of time for more than ten years and, as stated earlier, with the right funding, we believe we can overgrow to realize the full potential of our green technology solutions.

Organicco was created after more than ten years of research and development into a green technology product, and with more than two million pounds of investment. Based in the UK, Organicco will be responsible for managing funds collected by initial coin offers and for increasing Organicco’s token value.

Focused primarily on green technology related products, the funds raised will be used to develop projects through our subsidiaries to create natural capitals such as organic fertilizers for food production, animal feed, biomass fuels, renewable energy, and renewable fuels.

Our target is to produce natural capital by using our patented technology to generate sustainable cash flows which in turn will be used to repay capital investments with interest.

Our primary goal is to play a leading role in worldwide food production using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and in the production of renewable energy and renewable fuels.

We aim to raise funds through initial coin offerings of Organicco tokens which will be used in the development of several projects in the green and agri-tech industries in the UK, Canada, and Southeast Asia. The funds will be lent to our associate companies to develop these projects using green technology solutions called eco-hero and ecoDRYER, which produce organic fertilizer and animal feed from commercially undesirable organic materials.

We will also produce small quantities of biomass fuel from mixed waste materials using our technology solution, ecoREDUCER. Finally, we will provide renewable energy and renewable fuels, from unwanted organic matter. Funds will also be used to create low-cost and fast international payment platforms that are based on blockchain technology, called easiPayer.

Low-cost international payment platforms designed to replace the letter of credit and invoice factoring that is fast, safe and easy to use. When an overseas client buys fertilizers with agreed volume and price, they must provide proof of funds, usually with a letter of credit or make prepayments. By using the convenient player system, clients purchase SantanderPayer tokens using the fiat currency of their choice received on GuatemPayer using the web or mobile application. A 0.50% transaction fee will be charged for this service plus mining fees and 1.5% for fiat currency exchange.

The term layer token is valued with real assets by an independent auditor, which improves the value at the time of purchase. The client allocates this token to buy fertilizer, and this authorization cannot be withdrawn. This gives us the convenience that the client has enough funds to trade, and he can only reject products based on poor quality or inadequate volume. When clients are satisfied with the quality and quantity of goods received, tokens are quickly released to us.

We assume that we are unique because we will not register the tokens. Participants on the crypto exchange. Conversely, easiPayer tokens will be supported by liquid assets; an independent, leading auditor will determine the value of the currency. The price of the token .ayer will not suffer from large instabilities such as other cryptocurrencies. This will allow us to accept all major fiat currencies through this platform in exchange for token orderers. Because there are only about 60 years of left-hand rice farming if soil erosion continues, we see that it is essential to invest in the development of projects.

We offer capital guarantees to initial investors, which are backed by assets and protected by insurance. This is limited to the first 5 million Organicco ORC tokens only!

The global industrial waste management market is worth around $ 1,442 billion. The UK Organic / Food Waste Industry is worth around £ 500 million from only 18% realized by several waste management operators in the UK. As a result, there is a wasted opportunity, and this needs to be addressed. At a forum held in Rome in 2014, a senior UN official for the Food and Agriculture Organization said that if the level of land degradation continues all the world’s top land could be lost in 60 years. This is caused by extensive agricultural methods including the use of chemicals and pesticides. This is a problem that is in desperate need of handling and converting unwanted organic matter into organic fertilizer helping to prevent this effect and creating a natural closed loop cycle.

The second major problem we are trying to solve is the payment of concerns in the export market. Letters of credit and insurance fees are very high and require time to set up. Also, payments are made when goods are delivered, which can be a problem if there is no Letter of Credit. This creates a high risk of non-payment. Also, conventional banking and even FX trading require time and come with additional costs and risks. We aim to eradicate this problem through our easiPayer Technology, the full details of which will be discussed later.

We at Organicco and through its subsidiaries have developed some technologies for more than ten years to add value to the business. We have experience and responsible team. Also, our technology is proven and even undergoes technical due diligence by established consulting firms. As a result of this hard work, we have some projects ready to be developed immediately. At present, we are sending three projects in the UK.

It should be noted that unlike IPOs, ICOs are currently set up in only a few countries such as Switzerland and Japan, you may not have the same protection as you do with IPOs in other countries. Therefore, be careful and only invest what you can. You can always buy more after Organicco tokens are sold on the cryptocurrency exchange but maybe not the same low prices offered during the ICO crowdsale. After you buy Organicco tokens, they can be traded on crypto exchanges from the end of Q1 / 2019 or exchange them with negotiPayer tokens, which are utility tokens.

This Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be based on the number of Organicco tokens sold through our website. They will be exchanged for your investment, so it will be like buying shares in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) and trading them with crypto exchanges from the end of Q1 2019. Organic tokens are considered as security tokens (sometimes called equity/Asset tokens). We have applied to US SEC for exemptions and are now working on FINMA (Switzerland) registration.

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