OutoftheCloud (OUT) ICOby AaXrayon.OutoftheCloud (OUT) ICOAuthor: AaXray Topic: Revolutionizing File and Data Sharing through Blockchain Technology References: Official website www.outofthecloud.io and white paper OutCloud Systems, Inc. is a company that has a work program and has developed a Delivery Platform to send many sophisticated multimedia files and has explored far beyond the usual file sharing experience to include dynamic and […]

Author: AaXray
Topic: Revolutionizing File and Data Sharing through Blockchain Technology
References: Official website www.outofthecloud.io and white paper

What is OutCloud Systems, Inc.

OutCloud Systems, Inc. is a company that has a work program and has developed a Delivery Platform to send many sophisticated multimedia files and has explored far beyond the usual file sharing experience to include dynamic and instant streaming presentations of those files on a secure screen, can adjust and personalized for each recipient. All of these safe presentations can be made in just a few seconds and with just a few clicks through our company’s official website at https://www.OutoftheCloud.com

Company History

Since it was first developed, OutCloud System is only used in private detective institutions as a means to be able to send case-related material to clients safely such as video files, documents, audio, and large images. While other file-sharing services available at the time came with security issues that were very serious and did not have any form of presentation. There are even file-sharing services that require recipients to download files one by one and require users to give them invasive permission to use their system.

Not long after, Matt D. Ballard partnered with web developer Robert Keddie. Together they created a prototype system and named it MyCaseViewer.com (MCV) which has now been operating successfully since 2013. (MCV) Has only been serving the private detective industry to date. Systems (MCV) have grown significantly in recent years by actively receiving feedback from customers and implementing them in actions that lead to various product enhancements.

Frequent problems

  • Risk Files and Data
    To date, leading file-sharing services still utilize centralized storage with high vulnerability signatures to store important files and also, they also require users to provide total access to desktops and files. They not only need this from the sender of large files but also from the recipient. This practice places your data at enormous risk that often leads to the safety of computer users and also has the potential risk of viral contamination because many viruses will infect the computer during the download process.
  • Large storage space is needed
    The large storage space required by file-sharing services requires recipients first to download and install their invasive programs before they can be viewed. Besides requiring storage space, this also requires time and unnecessary effort on the part of the receiver.
  • Zero on Presentation
    The presentation file has been completely ignored for file storage and delivery. There are substantial market segments that don’t want to send an annoying link to someone but don’t want to be a web designer to deliver the same content from files on a website that takes time.
  • Sharing Redundancy
    Our competitors make it possible to share large files but cannot make changes after the file is sent. If someone accidentally sends the wrong file, nothing can be done about it. This can be a costly mistake in cases where sensitive information is sent to the wrong individual. But our system makes it possible to make changes in real-time, and changes are made instantly even after the link has been sent.

The Solution from OutCloud System, Inc.

  1. Safe and comfortable
    User files and data will be stored in very secure and locked folders, encrypted, parsed, and placed throughout the blockchain network. Decentralized storage is perfect security.
  2. Proprietary Viewer
    Your client can easily see all files in one secure viewer that you can create yourself with unique branding and positioning.
  3. Nothing is installed
    Everything your client needs is access to the internet, computer and web browser.
  4. Special Brand Imaging
    You will be able to place banners at the top of our viewer, watermark directly on your video and place the link in the video. You can also drag and drop right where you want your file to appear in your presentation.

What Makes Us Better?

OutCloud Systems, Inc. will redefine the file-sharing industry and set new standards for how people can send and receive large files. Unlike other file-sharing services, OutCloud Systems, Inc. not only replaces office equipment needs by providing paperless and fast delivery systems for large files but also provides the need to download inflated invasive software for senders or recipients. Users don’t need to download at all to send or receive files sent, or to see them! Here are the parts that make us better.

  1. No Downloads Required at All!
  2. No Required Inactivity Permits!
  3. Professional Presentation Presented
  4. Changes made in real time
  5. File Security and Access
  6. Special Brand Imaging
  7. Multiple Device Accesses
  8. Lower Security Risk

How Outcloud Will Work!

Say goodbye to boring links, data breaches, and invasive applications. !!

  1. Add your file
    You only need to add most of your popular file formats including videos, to your new folder.
  2. Check your presentation
    After you finish processing your files, Outcloud allows you to quickly change the presentation or dashboard files before you send files or data!
  3. Copy Presentation Link
    Copy and paste your link, and this is not an ordinary boring link! This link will open for the new way you see the file!
  4. Glamourized Files!
    Your files that used to be boring, now make a bigger impression with Outcloud!

Ease Of Use

Nothing is easier to use than a simple, minimal, two-step process. The process of the OOTC user to make a safe presentation is as simple as a point and click to add the file you want followed by pressing the send tab located at the bottom of the file add page.
This system can easily accommodate many videos, audio files, multiple documents, and several images in each single presentation made.

The ability of users to be able to send, not just links to files, but a link to someone’s presentation file that will be displayed in the context they have designed, customized, and branded is what will put our file sharing system above the rest.

The OOTC can currently receive video files up to 5 GB each and all other file types up to 50MB each and up to 100 items per presentation are made. The Pre-Launch Application for OOTC is now available on the App Store and Google Play and will be a way for us to communicate with those who are interested in the company and launch our products.

Overview Of The ICO

To be able to fund the development and continue the growth of the OutCloud blockchain platform and network, an initial coin offer was held. This offer will be the most flexible and not closed offer. This issuance will be divided into two parts, namely PRE-ICO and ICO.

  • Name of the coin: OutCloud Coin
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Symbol: OUT
  • Total Coin Supply: 1,200,000,000
  • Supply ICO: 300,000,000
  • ICO Supply: 400,000,000
  • Accepted Contributions: ETH
  • Protocol: ERC20
  • Minimum Contribution Amount: USD 1.00 (Amt in ETH.)

Buy Coin

Coin Distribution

What are the benefits for buyers

Outcloud is the most suitable choice for the ICO model because the project is so broad that it will be implemented in stages and by milestones, which can be achieved through ICO project funding. By contributing to the project, you allow this innovative product to be released to the public faster. So, what’s the benefit for our initial investor?

  • Initial coin appreciation for Pre-ICO & ICO participants
  • Potential to get an appreciation for coins even before the coin list.
  • Guaranteed investment soon becomes the Largest File and Data Distribution Brand in the World.
  • The ability to utilize the potential of the project from the first day.
  • The opportunity to be part of OutCloud, the future of a Secure, Decentralized File and Data Sharing System.



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