KuBitX – First Truly Global Exchangeby AaXrayon.KuBitX – First Truly Global ExchangeKnow it. Have it. Secure it. Introduction KuBitX is a revolutionary exchange project with the aim of being able to do more than what is offered by most today. KuBitX has become a significant bank partnership to meet core needs in most markets in developing countries. This extraordinary project has been announced and started in […]

Know it. Have it. Secure it.


KuBitX is a revolutionary exchange project with the aim of being able to do more than what is offered by most today. KuBitX has become a significant bank partnership to meet core needs in most markets in developing countries. This extraordinary project has been announced and started in Q4 2017 with a professional team from Google, BP Oil, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dell, Huawei Technologies, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), MTN and many more, and they have proven the record traces in their respective fields.

At present, this massive project is at an 80% completion stage with the MVP trading engine with the capacity to be able to handle more than 12 Million transactions per second with around 40 nanosecond latency. The KuBitX machine is also equipped with powerful architectural compliance tools to check all non-complaint activities and thus make KuBitX the most preferred and safest exchange in the world.

About KuBitX

KuBitX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. KuBitX is also building the most sophisticated and powerful trading engine, and this is one of the safest, fastest and most reliable platforms today. KuBitX was founded by a team of professionals working in top fortune 500 companies and one of the “big four” consulting companies.
At present, they all lay down all the foundations and relationships to be able to focus the exchange of KuBitX as a vehicle to be able to open adoption and economic inclusion for emerging markets.

Platforms that allow changing this game not only to become other cost makers, but even all trading costs will also be paid using KBX tokens. For information, KuBitX will never charge fees in other cryptocurrencies unless the user does not have a KBX token that will be readily obtained in exchange. KuBitX also provides transparent services to customers and never compromises the integrity of their user data.

How will KubitX benefit you?

This KubitX platform offers various advantages compared to other platforms on the market, here are the benefits of using KubitX.

  • High Scalability
    The KubitX platform is very scalable and is ready to receive new features to improve the trading experience of all KubitX users.
  • Secure
    KubitX has made extensive benchmarks with the current platform, allowing KubitX to take a few steps forward, and coupled with a security team from top organizations.
  • Blockchain
    KBX tokens were based initially on the Ethereum blockchain. However, KubitX plans to launch its chain shortly which will then be used in many cases such as social, utility, administrative, and governance issues that are most common in developing countries.
  • Ecosystem
    As a firm adherent in the peer to peer payment ecosystem, KubitX strongly believes that the traditional financial system that exists today will eventually be partially replaced because of continually damaged trust, censorship, and enlightenment of the community which is increasing every day.
  • Low Cost
    The cost of KubitX is the lowest currently, and even smaller when you choose to use KubitX’s original token, KBX, to make payment of fees. The trading costs on the KuBitX exchange are 0.05%, however, if the user chooses to use KuBitcoin tokens (KBX) as a method of payment of trading fees, they will get discounts up to 25% compared to the original trading costs.
  • Minimized Risk
    The multi-signature wallet and KubitX cold storage strategy will reduce exposure to trader funds. And KubitX has also combined various procedures to secure funds traded on its platform.

About KBX Tokens

The following are details about KBX tokens

  • Ticker : KBX
  • Token Type : ERC20 (Ethereum)
  • Decimal : 18
  • Total Supply : 500,000,000
  • Currencies Accepted : ETH
  • Soft Cap : 10.000 ETH
  • Hard Cap : 25.000 ETH

TGE Details :

  • Seed Round: Ongoing. Ends 16 July, 2018.
  • Pre-Public Round: 16 July – 31 August, 2018
  • Public Round: TBC

How do I get a KBX token?
You can quickly obtain KBX tokens during Private or Crowd contribution rounds, continue on the KubitX website and social media channels.

Where can I store KBX tokens?
KBX tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens on an Ethereum platform that can be stored on the KubitX platform or in other ERC-20 compatible wallets where you have control of the private key.

Is KBX a security token?
KBX is not a security token, KBX is a utility token used for the KuBitX ecosystem.

What will be the primary use of KBX tokens?
KBX tokens can be used to pay trading fees on the KuBitX platform, and further use and cases that have been listed in the whitepaper will be implemented in stages.

Why does KubitX choose Ethereum blockchain?
KubitX chose the Ethereum blockchain platform because it is very flexible when compared to other smart contract platforms and this offers ease of use for new users to interact with compatible ERC-20 tokens.

Is KubitX’s smart contract ready?
Yes, the KubitX interface is ready, and you can see the code on GitHub.

How secure is KubitX’s smart contract?
KubitX’s smart contract is as safe as any other smart contract in general, developed by a team of professionals who are experienced and audited by third-party industry leaders.

Will KBX trade on other exchanges?
Yes, in the long run, KubitX will include KBX tokens on other platforms.

When can tokens be traded on the exchange?
The token will start trading in September 2018. The exact date will be announced on the KubitX website and social media.

Does KubitX plan to create its chain?
Yes, shortly, KuBitChain will be a multi-use blockchain.


Q4 2017

  • Project initiation
  • Project feasibility study
  • Benchmarking

Q1-Q2 2018

  • Project engagement
  • Team Structuring
  • Legal process for incorporation in Malta
  • Whitepaper creation (First draft: Business)
  • Angel/Seed Investor engagements

Q3 2018

  • Project execution
  • Launch of KuBitX Channels Ambassadors (Flagship countries)
  • Prototype
  • Start of Pre-Public Round of TGE
  • Exchange Soft (Beta) Launch

Q3-Q4 2018

  • Project execution (Contd.)
  • Phase 1: Financial Services integration with KuBitX
  • End of Pre-Public Round
  • Exchange Go-Live
  • Public Round of TGE
  • Global promotions

Q1-Q4 2019/2020

  • Project Add-ons
  • KuBitChain – KuBitX Exchange now on KuBitX Blockchain
  • Platform redesign
  • Continuous Improvement

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