LipChain ICO 2018 Reviewsby AaXrayon.LipChain ICO 2018 ReviewsLipChain | Introduced to Make Surfing More Profitable and Entertaining Exercise is something that explains, especially if the sport is done in the water, would be very exciting. One of the sports done in water is surfing. It is very cool by combining technique and courage. What is the relationship between LipChain and Surfer? Lipchain […]

LipChain | Introduced to Make Surfing More Profitable and Entertaining

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Exercise is something that explains, especially if the sport is done in the water, would be very exciting. One of the sports done in water is surfing. It is very cool by combining technique and courage.

What is the relationship between LipChain and Surfer?

Lipchain aims to unite the global surf community within a decentralized ecosystem and provide them with sponsors, unofficial contests, and training venues throughout the year. There are 60 million more surfers around the world, and they will get tokens by doing their favorite sports, and it is easier to become champions while contributing to the ocean in a cleaner process.

What is LipChain, and How Does it Work?

LipChain will create an Application that will be used by surfers and sailors to enable them to post videos and photos creative. Then the community will choose among the best and is eligible to win monthly, and all Athletes can obtain tokens for each of their videos from sponsors. The LipChain team will also offer any additional surf products and services at a discount for all LIPS token holders. LipChain also plans to build a wave pool for year-round training, and the LipChain resort will explicitly discuss this at a later time.

LipChain plans to create a social network where all water sports enthusiasts can get LIPS token for every content they have created. Sponsors may be part of a private individual or a regional or national business in a territory. Every Athlete must make a short video and submit it to the sponsor. When sponsors want to order ads, they can directly select a particular athlete or video producer by zone and check in the specified location where the athlete or producer produces the most viewed or liked video.


Every business must have a problem; this is the same as the surf industry. Lack of location is one of the issues and surfers are always looking for sound waves. For now, there are only a limited number of areas where the same wave tide waves are aligned in the same direction. Surfers have few opportunities throughout the year to fulfill their dreams.

Another problem affecting the surf industry is the lack of training resources or resources. People often see surfers riding big waves and thinking about experiencing the same adventure. But they can not do it because they do not know where to learn and get knowledge about surfing and what it takes to become a pro surfer.

Although there are several places where people can learn to surf, it is quite expensive to learn to surf by avoiding life-threatening accidents. Affordable surfing training solutions, quick information about the best surfing locations with favorable weather conditions, and the supply of quality equipment will solve this problem and affect the surfing industry towards a better one.

Solutions offered by LipChain

LipChain is a blockchain supported project; they provide a decentralized ecosystem that will address all critical issues. The platform was also introduced to give the surfers unofficial competition, sponsorship, and excellent training facilities. Surfer can join this platform to get LipChain crypto tokens by enjoying their favorite adventure sport. This platform will form a global surfing and sailing community. New participants can join this community and prove their skills to get the sponsors and tools needed for surfing.

Main features of LipChain

LipChain will offer their official apps to its users, which will be the best platform for sailors and surfers to check for routine activities. This will serve as a decentralized social network that will allow users to publish their surfing pictures and videos. They will get a reward for this activity. The ratings and reviews of videos and photos will decide how many tokens will be generated by the surfer.

The platform also offers a LipWave pool that will allow all surfers to practice throughout the year. This pool provides Olympic training facilities, and about 1000 surfers can ride for 8 seconds above the waves. Also, to avoid pollution, LipChain will operate jointly with some surfboard manufacturers to produce eco-friendly surfboards.

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LipChain uses advanced technology to make surfing better and more fun for everyone. This platform implements a decentralized approach to addressing all major issues. Pro surfers can get LIPS token for their contributions and efforts. So, LipChain will encourage surfers to become better and beginners to join this sport for more fun.
Token Info

  • Token : LIPS
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Type : ERC20
  • Price in ICO : 1 LIPS = 0.095 USD
  • Tokens for sale : 210,000,000
Investment info

  • Min. investment : 50 USD
  • Distributed in ICO : 21%
  • Soft cap : 3,000,000 USD

  1. November 2016
    In is concluded that the creation of a digital coin would make sense to add to the worldwide surfing community.
  2. February – November 2016
    Dissemination of the concept with several national surfers.Encrypted currency development.
  3. January 2018
    Launch of LIPCHAIN in the market through ICO.
  4. February – March 2018
    To buy a boat and to create the sailing team to beat the world rcord. To start the sponsoring of sailing activities.
  5. April – May 2018
    To develop the sponsorship for regatta and sailing team both adult & junior.
  6. September 2018
    Launch of the APP Captivation of all outsiders.
  7. October 2018
    Communication, adverting and promotion of LIPCHAIN.
  8. November 2018 – April 2019
    To end the ICO, in the case the hard-cap is not reach before the end.
Name Position Links
Pedro Marvão C.E.O
João Schaller C.F.O
António Rodrigues PROJECT MANAGER
João Monteiro FINANCE & BANK
Frederico Ferreira C.T.O. LIPWAVE POOL
Manuel Tavares FINANCE & SAILING

More Information

Website: https://www.lipchain.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/LipChain

Username: Musbarmalet
Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2268597

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