Netscouters – ICO Reviews 2018by AaXrayon.Netscouters – ICO Reviews 2018Netscouters | Decentralized Football Investments Netscouters is an investment ecosystem for the world of football. The goal of Netscouters doing this is to empower an amateurish team around the world to be able to improve new soccer superstar and to create content related to the world of football while giving fans and their investors the […]

Netscouters | Decentralized Football Investments

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Netscouters is an investment ecosystem for the world of football. The goal of Netscouters doing this is to empower an amateurish team around the world to be able to improve new soccer superstar and to create content related to the world of football while giving fans and their investors the opportunity to support their favourite players and make money with a good ROI. Every major market player like La Liga and Premier League in the UK, they are earning billions of dollars, and there are advantages to be made in local federations and football related content. They are also looking for potential young players, and this is done by going to the location and watching team games.

Amateur clubs can receive support from professional investors, brands and clubs at the cost of 50 EUR per year per player. This allows them to purchase equipment and other things necessary for further skills from their players. Investors receive 20% of club profits made in one season.

All player info and their progress can be accessed on the platform, so investors can reduce places to save their money. It also provides professional talent scouts with the opportunity to seek out young talents and monitor their progress.

The platform has a video streaming module that provides clubs with their channels to create content and make money for a view per view from advertisers. If you do not like soccer, football-related content receives millions of views on Youtube, with fan channels having more customers than professional team channels. The club gets 70% of revenue, 30% taken as a platform fee. Users get rewarded for watching ads too.

Brand sports goods can sell their products directly to the club in the market provided Netscouters. All sorts of things that football clubs need are there, equipment, maintenance, transportation, supplies, etc.

About Netscouters

Netscouters is the platform for future soccer funding that uses Blockchain Power and Tokenisation assets.
The team is ready to build products that are safe, useful, and easy to use based on the personal blockchain. This will include easy integration of cryptocurrency payments and even digital arbitration systems.

Netscouters platform is a market of decentralised and transparent players and clubs based on Tokens. Decentralized amateur soccer in the market of this platform will help ensure that Amateur clubs, with their youth activities, have access to global finance. With this platform from Netscouters, Amateur clubs will be able to receive support from investors, Brands and Professional Soccer Clubs.

Token Distribution

  1. Outersinvcoin
    100% (286 Millions of Outersinv coin Tokens) of the total amount of tokens created will be available during the ICO event.
  2. Outerscoin
    430 Millions of Outerscoin Tokens will be created for platform use
  • Start : October 2018
  • End: November 2018
  • SoftCap : 7.000.000 Euros
  • HardCap : 20.000.000 Euros
  • Number of tokens for sale : 286.000.000 OUTINV (100%)
  • Tokens exchange rate : 1 OUTINV = 0.07 Euros
  • Acceptable currencies : ETH, BTC, FIAT
  • Minimal transaction amount : 10 ETH/ 2 BTC
Name Position Links
Frederic Lebrun Marketing Entrepreneur at Henzo – Project Marketing Manager
Cristian Adami Ex Football Professional Player Turin Italian Serie A – Football Project Manager
Juan Manuel Ortiz Scouts Manager S. Fernando C.D Spain Second División
Rolando Gorgoglione Argentina second Division Coach – South America Project Manager
Antonello Vasciarelli Professional Freelance Scout
Juan Carlos Garcia CFO
Nicolò Lino Blockchain Mobile Paltform Development
Alvaro Asenjo Blockchain Platform Manager
Flavio Crinelli Web Marketing Manager
Waheed Rahuman Blockchain development Manager
Yacine Hamdada Crypto Expert
Daniel Vilora International Brand Manager
Francisco Hernández Marcos Digital Marketing & Business advisor Ex. Real Madrid Digital Strategy Director Alumni McKinsey & CO
Stefan Bergström Business Strategic & Investors
Danny J. Christ Business Development, startegy, Execution
The company was founded in 2016, the first web version was released in 2017. In May the testing phase of the same year began. In September 2018, the platform will see a pilot start with the Italian football team. In December, the platform will be launched publicly in alpha. The first season will start in March 2019, in May the company will begin marketing in the EU. The first world season will begin in September 2019.

By 2020 the company plans to enter the new sport and the United States market.

ICO start date : 01.10.2018
ICO end date : 01.11.2018
Soft cap : 7,000,000 EUR
Hard cap : 30,100,000 EUR
Ticker : OUT
Token price in USD : 0,06
Bonus Program : TBA
Netscouters white paper presents explaining the world of football, the problems it faces, the solution in the form of a platform driven by blockchain. All of their platform specificities are also outlined, showing financial forecasts and token value estimates. The business model is not described in one section, but the elements are mentioned throughout the white paper. Download

More Information
Website: http://ico.netscouters.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/Netscouters
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/netscouters-international
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetScouters

Bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2235777

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