Paygine – ICO 2018 Reviewby AaXrayon.Paygine – ICO 2018 ReviewPaygine | Open financial platform Paygine is an open financial platform explicitly designed to operate in the structure of banking ownership alone and is also intended to serve the business needs and FinTech crypto in the area of money transfer, currency exchanges, and payment for goods and services “real ” under a white label solution. […]

Paygine | Open financial platform

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Paygine is an open financial platform explicitly designed to operate in the structure of banking ownership alone and is also intended to serve the business needs and FinTech crypto in the area of money transfer, currency exchanges, and payment for goods and services “real ” under a white label solution.

The paygine critical competitive advantage over similar projects is that it can take advantage of existing technology and platforms that are currently used by FinTech business, e-commerce, and so on. Platform Paygine offers services by leveraging existing technology Best2Pay as follows:

  1. Transfer cryptocurrency to/from bank cards.
  2. Pay in stores using the card in cryptocurrency.
  3. Accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services in an online store.
  4. Cross-border transfer of fiat currencies with the use of cryptocurrency with minimal cost.
  5. Keep your wallet in both currencies are fiat currencies and crypto with the ability to quickly and quickly change the funds between them.

Paygine was built to help the industry adapt, and crypto navigates various obstacles that hinder the sector and its currency into the mainstream. This includes the Paygine solution has several banks around the world that will make use of the exclusive technology that will be able to synchronise with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to help catalyse the financial revolution.

What is being offered by the company are all services that you can find online but only at one site and work following the regulations of many countries. Paygine themselves understand that many countries still do not have a clear law about cryptocurrency and many companies do not comply with the law, so they currently want to create an environment in which users feel safe.

How Does Paygine?

The company will use as the basis of services provided by the company’s existing Best2Pay to develop their financial services and scale them to the world in certain jurisdictions. All services will be provided through the open flame so that the client can use it as you wish.

The company intends to work for another company, by the way, their way of offering services to their clients. They want other companies to become the provider of their services. Wallets and P2P systems, for example, will be used by a third party, not directly from the company itself. The company will work using the token PGC, which will be used to pay for the services of the company and will be purchased for ICO.

The entire system of the platform will be implemented in two years, so you might expect to be finished by the end of 2019 or 2020 early. This system will be applied first in Europe and then in the United States. Finally, it will be implemented in Asia, when he has a part of the world are covered.

About Paygine

Banking transactions involving digital currencies are regularly subject to various restrictions and limits. It’s usually not because of the real risk, but a lack of experience in working with cryptocurrency and wide variations in certain jurisdictions in different countries. Paygine platform is designed to be able to solve the problem of circulation on digital currencies and makes it convenient for those who do business as traditional fiat currency.

  1. Best2Pay is fast and simple.
    The solution from Paygine technology enables their clients to start accepting payments online in a single day.
    The best2pay platform makes it possible to implement complex projects which take into consideration the uniqueness of specific business processes, infrastructure, and the target audience of clients Paygine.
  2. Best2Pay safe.
    Best2Pay has the certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS security requirements are the highest level international level 1.
    Our servers are located in data centres from different countries.
  3. Best2Pay useful.
    Best2Pay is the only unique program «» bill payment from Visa International.
    «Bill Payment» services reduce the cost of Exchange transaction costs amounted to 42.8% and allowed Best2Pay to offer you the most favourable conditions for banks.
  4. Best2Pay has been updated.
    Best2Pay has always evolved to the modern world, new products have been created to aggregators which connect private individuals like YouDo, Avito, Airbnb, etc.
Name Position Links
Kirill Radchenko CEO, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
Michael Luposhtyan Senior Vice President, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
Maxim Neshcheret Business Development Director, Best2Pay Singapore
Raniya Luposhtyan Chief Financial Officer, Best2Pay, US, and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
Alexander Petrov Chief Technology Officer, Best2Pay Russia
Vitaly Furmanov Senior Vice President, Best2Pay
Gary J Ross Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
Arina Shulga Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
Azat Nugumanov Partner
Anastasia Klimenko Vice President
Djibril Diallo Vice-President, TransferTo
Byanmunkh Volodya Director, Truly Digital Bank
Salah Abci Partner, Grant Thornton
Token info
Token : PGC
Platform : Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Price in ICO : 1 PGC = 1 USD
Week 1 40% discount
Week 2 40% discount
Week 3 40% discount
Week 4 40% discount
Week 5 40% discount
Week 6 40% discount
Week 7 40% discount
Week 8 40% discount
Tokens for sale : 41,508,000
Investment info
Accepting : BTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO : 27.3%
Soft cap : 3000000 USD
Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD
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More Informations

WEBSITE: https://www.paygine.com/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/paygine_official
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/paygine/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/paygine
AUTHOR: (AaXray) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2235777

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